About Us

We believe that travel is good for the soul and we are passionate about it. But most importantly, we are excited about your upcoming travels! And you should be too!


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After being a flight attendant for almost 7 years, travelling the world, discovering new cultures and traditions of over 80 countries, it quickly became apparent to me that my travel essentials played a big role in getting me through my fly-high lifestyle.

Over the years, passengers would always ask me what a flight attendant’s best secret is…Well…do you want to know too? I have one word for you…ORGANIZATION! Whenever this question came up, I always talked about all the travel accessories and gadgets that made my life easier whether I am going on a long-haul flight or a short one.

After many trips around the world, I have decided to launch Travel Easi with a small team of people who understand the challenges and the ever-changing needs of today’s traveller. Our extensive product range are designed with you in mind and cater to all of your travel necessities. Our core values of safety, comfort, quality, and function are always implemented across our products because we understand the importance of a smooth trip from start to finish!

So… Are you ready to have some fun on your long -awaited vacation?